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Asakusa DJ Night

Asakusa Night Festival Guest Appearance DJ

11/4(Sat) 18:15-19:30, 20:00-20:30 @ Asakusa Rokku

DJ Pretty Dragon

Born November 17, 1998 in Shonan, Japan, he is 24 years old.
Inherited from his mother who was a radio DJ, he was exposed to piano and dance from an early age, and in his early teens, he became interested in a wide range of music from pop/hip-hop music in general Western music to 70's 80's disco music as he had studied abroad in Canada, Australia, and the US during his school years. She then made her debut as a self-taught DJ while in college in 2019.
Her play style is basically electro, bass house, and tech house with hip-hop and pop music in the nightclub scene. (She also works as a hotel DJ, playing mainly 70s and 80s disco house influenced by her mother, as well as house music, R&B, and soul in the lounges of luxury hotels such as five-star hotels.)
She is one of the hottest female DJs in Asia and has toured in Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Cambodia.
We have high expectations for her future activities beyond Japan.

Asakusa DJ Night

Nighttime TOMODACHI STREET" is a "place" with "sound"!

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