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11/3 (Culture Day) Skateboarding Summit Battle in the streets of Asakusa!
Who is the true NO.1 street skater? ⁉︎

TEPPEN 2023 IN ASAKUSA Supported by DC Shoes & Element Skateboarsd
On November 3 (Culture Day), "TEPPEN," a street battle to determine who is the real "badass" of skateboarding, will be held in Asakusa, one of Tokyo's most popular cultural spots since long ago.
A unique special section created from the ideas of real skateboarders will appear on the streets of Asakusa for one day only.
A total of 39 people, including 33 invited top riders, 3 winners of SNS qualifiers, and 3 winners of same-day qualifiers, will compete on 3 battle stages in the main competition to determine the true The true No. 1 street skater will be decided.

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