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The Japanese style Halloween event, which was a great success last year, will be held!
This year's event will be a "demon" themed Halloween event!

The Graduates presents "Yokai "Black" HALLOWEEN 2023#Omatsuri Rokkku-teki Hyakkoku Yoruyo (Night of One Hundred Black Spirits)".

October 28th (Saturday), 2012

Various festivals will be held in the sacred place of entertainment,
#Omatsuri Rokku in Asakusa Roku-ku.

On this day, all participants will become a member of a yokai and have a special time in Asakusa.

You can enjoy Halloween party throughout the day with drinks and food with a motif of Yokai, and original drinks using "Kodawari Lemon Sour Lemon Do" (*1) made by Nippon Coca-Cola Co.

Please enjoy a nostalgic yet new Halloween event brought to you by Asakusa Roku-ku Broadway, a sacred place for entertainment.

(*1) "Graduates" is a registered trademark of The Coca-Cola Company.

Details of the event

The Graduates presents "Yokai "Black" HALLOWEEN 2023#Omatsuri Rokkku-teki Hyakkoku Yoruyo (Night of One Hundred Black Spirits)

Date and Time

October 28, 2023 (Saturday)
Time: 12:00 - 21:00


①Yokai "Black" Face Painting 【12:00〜17:00】

This is a booth for experiencing yokai face painting. Anyone can easily transform into a yokai.
Please join the night party in the form of a yokai.

Yokai "Black" stall 【13:00〜21:00】 Don Quijote Asakusa Store

Panda Bar "NinNin" in front of Don Quijote Asakusa store will be decorated with Yokai "Black" HALLOWEEN decorations.
We will sell original Yokai drinks using our special lemon sour "Lemon Sour Graduates" for a limited time. Original yokai drinks will be on sale.

The "Night of One Hundred Ghosts" - "The phantom oiran who turned into a ghost" 【17:45〜18:09】 The "Night of One Hundred Ghosts" will be held at the end of the night when it starts to get dark.

At 6 p.m., when it starts to get dark, phantom oiranes, fallen warriors and yokai who have turned into black will appear in a "Hyakkoku Yoruyo (parade)" from the Yoshiwara area.
They arrive at Asakusa Roku-gu at 6:09 pm.
Please enjoy this special show that is both beautiful and a little scary.

4) "Black" DJ Party 【17:00〜21:00】(4)④ "Black" DJ Party 【17:00〜21:00】.

The day will end with an outdoor DJ party featuring yokai (monsters).
Of course, people in yokai costumes are welcome to join in the party, and enjoy this one-day-only party under the pleasant autumn night sky as you gather around the Bon Odori dance floats and light cubes.

Special "Black" show time [18:09~/19:45~] (5)

The yokai (monsters) who visited Asakusa Roku-gu during the Hyakkoku Night will dance to the music on the yagura or light cube.
Please enjoy the entertainment show of music and dance produced by Ukon Takato of Asakusa Ukon-ya.

Other details

Place︓Asakusa Roku-ku Broadway, Asakusa Roku-ku Event Plaza

Hosted by ︓Yokai HALLOWEEN Executive Committee

Co-sponsored by Asakusa Rokuku Area Management Association

Special Cooperation︓Coca-Cola Japan Co.

Asakusa Yokomachi, Tokyo Cars, Don Quijote Asakusa

Operating OrganizationsAsakusa Ukon-ya, whiz Corporation, Entasu Creative LLC, El Mint Co,

Raisin Gate Co.

The Graduates Presents "Yokai "⻤" HALLOWEEN 2023#Omatsuri Rokku-teki Hyakkoku Yoruyo"
Press Release


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