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The Future Aimed for by A.R.A.M.A.

Asakusa Roku-gu was once the best entertainment district in Japan.

Asakusa Roku-gu, which at one time lost its luster, will be radically transformed into the best entertainment street in Japan once again through the power of entertainment

We will play an important role in revitalizing
Japan as a whole, by communicating the charms of each region of Japan to tourists from home and abroad.


Introducing the activities of Asakusa Roku-gu Area Management Association.
Asakusa Night Festival

~Asakusa is an exciting place to spend the night.

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~Asakusa Roku-gu is the starting point for international exchange.

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Asakusa Awa Odori Dance

~Asakusa Awa Odori" is back! ~ "Asakusa Awa Odori

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TOKYO #Natsumode Bon Odori
Energize the community and Tokyo with Bon Odori!

~Toward the 10th year of Natsumode! ~Toward the 10th year of the birth of Natsumode!

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Showcase of Japanese Culture and Performing Arts

~From All Over Japan to Asakusa and from Asakusa to All Over Japan

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Event Information

"TOMODACHI STREET" is being held every Saturday, Sunday and holidays (some days)!
NIGHT:18:00-21:00 ★Only on Asakusa Night Festival days ★Only on Asakusa Night Festival days ★Only on Asakusa Night Festival days ★Only on Asakusa Night Festival days

For more information about Asakusa Night Festival, please visit

*The event may be canceled due to rain forecast or other reasons.
Please refer to the "information" page here in case the event is cancelled.


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